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Nelly’s Beauty Blog Winner – After been Ranked among the 100 best British Beauty Bloggers, here is the next blog, which I hope you will enjoy reading. It is about your eyes!

Marigolds are a common sight in flower gardens and are even planted in other gardens because they support the growth of vegetables. It is that protective ability that we are interested in.

Specifically, we are interested in the colour essence of Marigolds,

Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Marigolds are the most potent source of these two vital Vision Detoxifier compounds.

– Zeaxanthin helps give Marigold leaves their vibrant green colour.

– Lutein helps make the flower petals yellow and orange.

More importantly, the top nutrition researchers from India, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Iran, and England all came together to report that light comes in through your lens, then projects the image onto your retina (the inside back of your eye). The images then travel along your optic nerve to your brain, your lens flexes and adjusts to focus the image. It stays loose to focus on objects far away and flexes tight to focus on close objects.

If your near-distance vision is getting worse as you age, here’s what’ happening: Your lens is losing its ability to flex and focus on close objects.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect your eyes.

In fact, this solution lies deep inside that beauty of nature itself.

I’m talking about the “colour essence” of a common yellow and orange flower.

The molecules that give this flower it’s vibrant colours are the very same molecules that will protect you against blue Radiation. I believe there is poetry in this. It’s as if the flowers want you to continue enjoying their beauty, so they give you the tools to do so.

Vision 20 starts with the 3 ingredients we’ve already talked about. Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc.

Beta-carotene is a form of vitamin A. You can find small amounts of it in foods ranging from milk to carrots. According to researchers at the University of Colorado, Beta-carotene protects your vision against overly bright light including blue UV light. It also slows the death of vital eye cells and lowers your risk of serious vision concerns.

Lycopene. This is another colour essence compound. It gives fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, watermelons and guavas their red colour. AND it also protects the cells in your eyes.

Hope you enjoy this reading. Please give us your comments! Nelly.

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