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Dear Clients, I hope you all had lovely holidays in the sun this summer.My next blog is all about food.

We often think that we lead an extremely healthy lifestyle and that our diet is the best. Either to lose weight or to preserve it. We try to follow all the advice and recommendations that we have been told to preserve our figures but unfortunately, we don’t always succeed. Well, the following ten, supposedly “healthy” foods may not be the right foods that we should be eating. So, let’s keep reading to find out what they are.

There are many varieties of rice. However, some have different health benefits than others. White rice is known to have the least nutrition and one that contains the least beneficial properties. Brown rice, on the other hand, is recommended as it is less processed.

The problem of corn is related explicitly to GM or modified corn, which turns out to be extremely harmful to both people and animals. Corn that comes in a can is full of preservatives to maintain shelf life and loses its beneficial health properties that we require.

In many diets, nuts and dried snacks are the most popular. However, a large number of these products are dried in oil. That is why you must be very careful when choosing these snacks and read the contents of the labels thoroughly, especially on the fat content.

Almond milk, as well as coconut and vegetable milk all contain large amounts of calories that are not needed or bring nay benefits to your diet. Check the contents of these products as these kinds of milk may not always be a beneficial alternative to avoiding fresh milk.

Puffed rice crackers are mistakenly considered as dietary or healthy. However, their glycemic content shows the opposite. It has a high caloric content, so they are not the most advisable if you want to lose weight.

Nutritionists usually warn us about sweet yoghurts. The best ones, if you want to lose weight, is to consume those with low fats, without sugar and fruit additives. If you desire to add some flavour to your yoghurt, you can add some natural fruits such as strawberries or blackberries that contain natural sugars. Also, yoghurts have many more additional benefits that you probably did not know.

We know that parsley has multiple properties and also gives your dishes a particular flavour; however, it can also cause damage to your body. Nutritionists recommend adding it to a dish only before serving and not cook with it, this way it will not lose its health properties.

Be careful with dressings, for example, mayonnaise, mustards and everything you use to accompany your food. The best thing is for you to create your own dressings, which can be easier than you expect. Those dressings you buy read made are full of chemicals and sugars, so do check them.

The problem with grapes is the high fructose content. Generally, the portion that we should consume per day should be 10-12 grapes. However, of course, it is tough to resist temptation.

Fish is one of the most nutritious foods that exist because it contains virtually no harmful fats for our body. In an investigation carried out by the University of Hawaii, it was concluded that fish loses much of its nutritional value, especially when fried. That is why it is best to consume it cooked and not fried. You should also pay close attention when defrosting fish because if you don’t do it properly, you run the risk of getting botulism.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please like and share with your friends to get the message out. I will be writing more about our bodies and the foods we consume, whether beneficial for our health or diet. Unitl the next time, Nelly.

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