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Tinting and Waxing

Tinting is the process of adding a colour dye to the eyelashes and eyebrows to make them thicker and more defined without having to apply mascara daily. The dye usually lasts 2 – 4 weeks, depending on after care.

Eyelash Tint*30 mins£15.00
Eyebrow Tint*30 mins£10.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint*40 mins£22.00
Eyebrow Wax10 mins£8.50
Eyebrow Shape and Tint40 mins£18.00
Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint and Wax45 mins£30.00

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions enhance the length, thickness, curliness and fullness of natural eyelashes. Lashes are applied using adhesive glue to the eyelash line. Lashes can last from 1 week to up to 6 months, depending on proper after care.

Strip Lashes10 mins£15.00
Cluster Lashes – Half Set (lasts 1-2 weeks)25 mins£15.00
Cluster Lashes – Full Set (lasts 1-2 weeks)40 mins£20.00
Semi-Permanent Lashes – Half Set (lasts 3-6 months)1 hour£45.00
Semi-Permanent Lashes – Full Set (lasts 3-6 months)1.5 hours£65.00
Semi-Permanent Lashes – Infills (after 2/3 weeks)45 mins£35.00

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Click here to view information about our Semi-Permanent Make-Up Treatments for Eyebrows and Eyelashes.

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