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Semi-permanent make-up involves implanting a non-permanent mineral-based pigment into the epidermis (top layer of the skin) using a fine needle. The treatment is less painful than a tattoo and usually takes up to 2 hours, with at least one touch up to achieve the best result.

Visible results will take a few weeks to allow the skin to heal. Once the whole process is complete, you will no longer need to apply make-up and the results last a couple of years. To maintain results, we recommend having touch-ups once a year

Eyebrow (Powder or Hair Stroke) 90 mins £200.00
Eyeliner (Upper) 90 mins £200.00
Eyeliner (Lower) 90 mins £150.00
Eyeliner (Both) 90 mins £300.00
Lip Liner 90 mins £250.00
Re-touch (after 6 weeks) 1 hour £100.00
Beauty Spot 30 mins £50.00

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