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Before I tell you, I would like to welcome you to our new ‘Beauty Tips’ blog. I am very excited to get this going and I really hope all the advice and information I give you will help you with your personal health and beauty.

I have been asked by wax virgin clients to explain about waxing, so I have decided to write about it. Hope it will make a good read.

Waxing is safe and an effective semi-permanent method of hair removal. Using heated wax to remove unwanted facial and body hair.

What to expect the first time you get a Wax?
Everyone feels a bit self-conscious, especially the first time, but remember, we Beauty Therapists have seen it ALL before, and perform Bikini Waxes every day.

Just how painful is it?
Everyone has different pain threshold but we won’t kid you that it is painless. Normally it results in a sharp intake of breath but it definitely gets easier the more you have it done. Some people take a pain killer an hour before, which can help.

What to expect after a wax treatment?
The area may be red – It looks like a plucked chicken. Blood spots – if hairs are very strong and course. The wax area will feel tender.

After care (24 hours)?

  • Do not Bathe. You can shower, cool is best.
  • Do not Sunbathe or use Sunbeds.
  • Apply products to the wax areas, such as calamine lotion and aloe vera gel.
  • Remember to wash your hands before you touch the wax area as we carry germs in our hands.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes as they might cause friction to the waxed area.
  • Do not exfoliate the area. It can be done the day before, especially if you suffer from ingrowing hairs.

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