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To all my lovely ladies. At last, we are excited to introduce our new slim summer package. Whether your goal is to look toned, healthier or feel more confident in your body, we have a brilliant new treatment with some fantastic after service body products from GERnetic along with nutritional advice from Nelly.

Beauty therapy does not concentrate only on the treatment, but the service and care that goes with it. For 25 years, Nelly has given advice to thousands of her satisfied and loyal clients and we are honoured to still be one of the best salons in Wallington.

So, as always, we are here to support you to make 2017 the fittest, healthiest and most sexy year yet with our triple slim summer package, incorporating the best treatments, products and advice to improve your daily lifestyle.

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Body Treatment

At the salon, we will perform a tailored body treatment depending on which areas you would like to slim and tone down using a number of GERnetic products.

GERnetic Products

In our treatments, we use three products from GERnetic, rich in iodine and anti-oxidents, which accelerates microcirculation and metabolism, combats cellulite, nourishes and restores skin and eliminates dead cells and fatty deposits, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of well-being as well as a smooth and attractive body. These products can also be purchased at the salon.

Nutritional Advice

During the treatment, we will give you 1-to-1 advice, understanding your needs to not only provide a tailored body treatment and specific GERnetic products to use, but Nelly will provide nutritional advice to fit your lifestyle.

As you know products alone will only take you half way to looking and feeling great, therefore, Nelly will work with you to accomplish the other half to reach your goal with a diet and nutrition plan. 

Nelly has helped so many ladies in the past and she is now ready to help you!

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