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As you already know, what you eat on a daily basis is very essential to sustaining optimal brain health and function. If You aren’t fueling Your body with the right foods, You’re going to struggle. The memory may decline, You won’t be able to think on your feet as well and You might even find you aren’t as alert as You’d like to be.

One of the most important nutrients for the body in your diet plan is protein. Protein provides the amino acids, Which are the building blocks your tissues are made of, so it’s not something you can skimp on.

As it turns out, Certain protein sources are also a lot better for brain health than others. Which come out ahead? Which are the best protein sources to eat to encourage better brain Function?

Here’s your list. Protein is something that You should be eating at each and every meal so start ensuring that these are part of your daily diet plan.


First on the list is Salmon. Salmon earns top marks as far as protein sources go because not only does it deliver a standout level of protein, it also provides a hearty dose of omega-3 fatty acids as well.

Omega 3- fatty acids are very important as far as keeping insulin sensitivity up goes, as far as preventing your risk of heart disease goes, and as far as preventing depression and improving cognition and memory goes. And this is really just scratching the tip of the iceberg.

Omega 3- fatty acids are a fatty acid that the body cannot make on its own, so they must come from food sources. No food source is better to consume that Salmon.

Try and get Salmon into your week at least twice, if not three times.


Next up on the list are eggs- and we’re not just talking about egg whites. Many people are in the habit of tossing the yolk because they feel that it’s going to contribute to increasing their heart disease risk.

Here’s the thing: While it’s true that eggs yolks definitely do contain some cholesterol, as long as you’re currently in good health standing, There’s no reason you can’t include an egg (or even two) In your diet each day. You just need to make sure you aren’t taking in an abundance of cholesterol from other sources.

What’s more is that egg yolks contain choline, which is an important mineral that is needed for proper brain health and function. Few foods contain this. so getting in some eggs is a perfect way to get your daily dose.


Finally, last on the list of fantastic protein-rich foods to consume to improve brain health is Turkey breast. While turkey breast isn’t going to serve to make you alert and combat depression like Salmo or eggs do, What it is going to do is help to lower your overall stress levels.

When We eat Turkey, We get a release of serotonin in the brain, which is a feel-good neurotransmitter that causes us to be in a relaxed state. The end results from Less stress and a better overall mood.

Keeping stress levels low is a critical part of keeping your brain healthy, so this isn’t something to be overlooking.

So there you have three different protein rich foods that you should be consuming as part of your weekly diet program. Are there any that you are missing out on?

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