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Hello, Dear Readers this Month Blog is all about stress and how to combat it in 12 Easy Steps.

Stress and anxiety are so frequent in our daily lives that it is necessary to take action on the matter. The good news is that overcoming stress is easier than you think. The American Association for Anxiety and Depression (ADAA) has presented a list of resources needed to make anxiety and depression tolerable. We present some of these tips.

1. Waiting time

When you are going through an anxiety or depression process you need to take things more calmly and take a step forward. Try practising Yoga, listening to music or receiving a Massage. Meditation will also relax your mind and make you see problems with more distance.

2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Although it may seem like a quick fix, coffee can actually aggravate your anxiety or stress levels an even cause panic attacks. This does not mean that you have to reduce your intake completely just by moderating it. For example, do not drink more than two cups of coffee a day.

3. Sleep more

Lack of sleep can negatively affect our health but when we are stressed we must pay much more attention to sleep 8 hours. Always try to go to bed before 12 to increase your sleep quality.

4. Breathe deeply

Avoid panic situations by focusing on breathing. Take deep breaths; Inspire and expire slowly.

5. Eat in a balanced way

When we are going through a period of stress it is very tempting to resort to food prepared for lack of time to prepare good meals. However, Food is important to combat stress so it is necessary to find the time. Eat vegetables and fruits. The lack of essential Nutrients can aggravate your anxiety.

6. Take time to exercise

Keeping your body active will make you feel good and help you improve your overall health. Just like breathing deeply, counting to 10 or even 20 can be an instant relief. It sounds a bit childish but simple the fact of counting will allow you to focus on your breathing and improve your level of anxiety gradually.

7. Perspective

Accept that you are not God and that you can not control everything. It is important to put stress in perspective. Think of previous occasions when you felt stress and how you were able to overcome it.

8. Laughter is the best medicine

Another way to put your anxiety in perspective is with a good dose of laughter. Welcome the humour in your life in any of its forms (Movies, theatre, performances).

9. Positive attitude

When we face stress or anxiety it is vital to maintaining a positive attitude, Not everyone is optimistic by nature, but choosing to focus on the positive can help replace negative thoughts.

10. Share feelings

When anxiety reaches high levels it is very difficult to fight it in solitude. Talk with friends about your problem. Family members and acquaintances will give you a different perspective of your problem. Go to a professional if necessary.

11. Get involved

Collaborating in solidarity activities allows your stress to take a break in the daily routine in addition to offering your help for a good cause.

12. Know the cause

Being aware of the triggers can really help determine the best way to combat them. It may be work, Family, a place or a person. Write notes when you feel stress and check if it is a situation that can be avoided.

I hope you liked reading. Please feel free to share it with other people who might be beneficial to them.

Untill the next blog, God Bless you all.

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