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By Nelly Keung, Sep 10 2017 11:25PM

If you ever expect to restore your health naturally using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), it is critical you get the right kind.

See, raw organic apple cider vinegar truly is a nature's perfect miracle food and should never be confused with regular clear vinegar. Clear vinegar has none of the health properties of ACV and can actually be harmful!

Raw organic ACV is made from organic apples, and goes through a double fermentation process that produces an abundance of enzymes while preserving all its health-promoting characteristics in a liquid suspension.

That's how you know you have the right kind of vinegar. Because raw organic ACV will appear almost like it's “dirty". But make no mistake, this is normal and a good thing and proof that ACV is packed full of beneficial nutrients and natural healing substances.

If your body is not properly pH balanced, it is wide open for disease and sickness because:

1) Acidity robs minerals from bones, cells, organs and tissue!

2) Without minerals-vitamin absorptions is compromised!

3) Toxins and pathogens easily build up and the immune system is suppressed!

There's something wrong with our way of thinking when something as pure and natural as ACV is considered an "out of the box" remedy-when in fact it's just a good old simple common-sense way to promote overall heath and well-being!

So why do some people find it hard to believe that natural cures don't work and that we have to put our faith in dangerous pharmaceuticals to find relief. Now if that's not "out of the box”, I don't know what is! How often has the next big drug been fast-tracked through the FDA and fed to millions of trusting people expecting to be cured. Only to discover that the medicine they were taking was making them sicker-even killing them?

But as soon as you understand the "business of medicine”, it all becomes crystal clear. Conventional medicine is about treating your symptoms not preventing illness.

Is it okay to add a spoonful of sugar?

In one word, no. Sugar is found in everything, in fresh fruit and certain vegetables. These are not harmful as they usually comes with other nutrients fibre, vitamins, minerals and water. We need a certain amount of sugar to help maintain our energy levels and a number of functions that maintain general good health. But with modern food processing, it's easy to extract sugar from that natural food and leave the nutrients and fibre behind, so the processed food is not very beneficial to your body.

Fibre allows sugar to be released more slowly, so it doesn't go straight into your blood. However, with processed foods and in particular sugary drinks, you have excessive amounts of sugar and very little fibre. The sugar goes straight into your body, which can lead to conditions like diabetes and obesity.

By Nelly Keung, Jul 4 2017 08:44PM

Nelly's Beauty House - Summer Skin Care
Nelly's Beauty House - Summer Skin Care

Summer heralds the start of a more outdoor fun and enjoying the things you love. However, the sun and high temperatures come at a price and it is our skin that pays the ultimate price.

Sun damage leads to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, blemishes, dryness and over time, skin cancer. Summer time, therefore, demands careful thought for your skin.

What are the effects?

So, how exactly does the sun's rays impact your skin and what is the difference between all those UVs? UVA, or Ultraviolet A (the longest wavelength of the sun). It penetrates the dermis, your skin's deepest layer. Sun damage can activate free radicals and promote skin aging. UVB, or Ultraviolet B, penetrates the skin's epidermis, the upper layer. These rays cause sunburn, allergic reactions that usually filtered by the ozone layer and they are the most damaging rays. Then there is IR, or Infra-red, which refers to the heat from the sun. Too much of it can negatively impact collagen, elastin and your immune system.

How to protect yourself?

Choosing the sunscreen that is right for you is vital, however, it should never be the only protection we take. Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. When you are out, cover up as much skin as you can with light-weight clothing. Wear a hat to protect the delicate skin on your face and wear sunglasses to protect against premature aging as well as cataracts and melanomas of the eye.

Tan 'responsibly'!

Did you know that sunbathing will add a good 20 years to your age by dehydrating and wrinkling the skin? No-one wants that, so ditch the obsession for a tan... it really isn't worth it. Becoming sun aware will protect your skin and health for the future, leaving you free to enjoy all that summer has to offer and 'tan responsibly'.

By Nelly Keung, Jun 21 2017 10:26PM

Flush toxins, Regulate blood pressure and Sleep better by drinking Lemon Water!

Research shows that lemon is one of nature’s most powerful substances. But don't think for a second there's anything "magical" about it. It's just good common sense, a concentrated source of phytonutrients and fiber, along with two extraordinary ingredients that have made lemon the healing super food it is.

Drinking lemon improves the delivery of oxygen to cells, accelerates the healing of wounds, curb high fever, prevents and treats infections, neutralises stomach acid and cleans and tones the skins.

We have over 25 years of in-depth research, which has enabled us to distinguish between Cellulite (orange peel effect), and fatty deposits (excessive flabbiness). Women both young and not so young have always preoccupied with their figure. Dieting (often unbalanced) is now fashionable to compensate for a sedentary lifestyle and the cumulative effects of aging.

CELLULITE - We have ascertained that cellulite is always due to a cluster of old dead cells, attached to tissues, fat, and muscle, unable to be eliminated from the body, These old cells are badly vascularised and stagnate in the tissues, thus provoking inflammation, in the end, they became covered in fibrous tissue Which is what gives the "orange peel effect". The causes of cellulite are numerous and in particular are mainly hormonal (excess of estrogen) in women, this, in turn, explains why the cellulite is stocked in areas aptly called "feminine" (stomach, thighs, hips...) The other causes are varied: bad nutrition (in particular, lack of vitamin E), smoking, alcohol, stress, lack of exercise... all of which are 100% Linked to poor circulation.

TREATMENT BY ABSORPTION THROUGH THE SKIN - By light massages, drainage massages from the soles of the feet to the waist, the plant, and marine extracts are slowly absorbed, providing the essential nutrition linked to the composition of blood cells (amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, proteins...) By absorption through the skin, one can nourish, balance and provoke better circulation enabling the old dead cells that make up CELLULITE to be detached" and eliminated from the body.

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